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How Secure Are Our Elections?

What if you knew that hacking a voting machine is so easy that at a cyber security conference in 2017 an entire array of commonly used machines were hacked in a matter of hours?


What if you knew that in 305 elections conducted between 2004 and 2016, Republican candidates outperformed exit poll predictions on election day by an average of six percentage points?

What if you knew that the odds of that happening by random chance are eighty million to one?

42 Million to One is a political thriller about voting machine manipulation.

Lucy Gilmore, a young reporter, begins a journey to uncover proof that voting machines have been hacked and election outcomes have been altered. She discovers the real events that demonstrate just how vulnerable our democracy has become.

This eye-opening thriller speaks not just to voting machine

corruption but the state of our democracy and why our struggle to govern effectively becomes more difficult every year.

Hal Malchow, a leading national political consultant, has written a book that explains how easy it is to manipulate our election results and shares new evidence that tampering may have actually happened.  80 MILLION TO ONE is an important book that should interest every American
concerned about protecting our democracy.–

Senator Mark Warner, Virginia




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