This charming new children’s series focuses on Madison the West Highland White Terrier and Monroe the Scottish Terrier as they make their way through the challenges and adventures of growing up. In "But Where Does That Leave Me? A baby brother comes home," Madison does not know where that leaves her when her Mommy brings home her new baby brother, Monroe. These lovable terriers show us that even though finding your way in an expanding family can be hard, and even scary sometimes, love grows just as much as our family does in this warm, sweet story.

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Where do chickadees go at night? What a story they have to tell! So gather around, one and all, for a flight of fancy into the mysteries of the natural world. Chickadees At Night is a book for lovers - lovers of beauty, lovers of nature, lovers of family togetherness, and not least of all lovers of laughter. Who knew that chickadees were party birds, fun-loving and frisky as flying puppies? Gorgeous illustrations, clever text, and a reverence for the natural world are woven together seamlessly, and resolved into a deeply satisfying conclusion. A quiet delight for both listener and storyteller.

The Chickadee Spirit takes the reader into a curious winter community – strong, kind and slightly screwy, a community welcoming to each and every creature that ventures into the “chickadee dome.”  Along the way, children are introduced to the beauties and mysteries of the natural world.

Around the world, the gifts of Christmas arrive in beautiful and unexpected ways in the wee hours of the morning. But closer to home, one little girl knows that the gift she wants most will never arrive until a soldier comes home. "Four a.m. December 25" honors the spirit of the holiday season by donating all profits from book sales to worthy veterans' organizations.

Only the fearless heart of a child can follow a dream into the wild . . . to a land of birdie parades and ginormous eggs, a land of mystery and majesty.  This land is our land, but not ours alone.  Welcome to Chickadeeland!