Penalty Stroke is the first in a series that will bring hours of reading pleasure to suspense lovers with a thrilling mystery centered on the aristocratic and magnificently wealthy Abbott family...and the dark secrets of their past that continue to seep into the present.

In an almost unprecedented response to a past tragedy, Lady Madison Abbott is now the scion of the Abbott family, and heir not only to their magnificent estates in the English countryside and London, but to her father’s dukedom as well. But nothing is as it seems in Madison’s world. When her university friend falls unexpectedly ill and dies at a charity polo match, Scotland Yard does not believe that it could have been murder. Her once and possibly future lover may have been the killer. Or he may be the next to die. Madison doesn’t know who she can trust—maybe not even herself. Degrees in psychology as well as a thriving practice in London cannot erase Madison’s haunted past—or keep her out of danger now.

From her parents’ splendid holdings in Tetbury to the chic clubs of London, Madison races against time and the shadowy agendas of her glamorous “friends” to solve the murder and escape her own past.

Is there anything more elegant than being invited to tea with friends? While Whiddenhurst Hall is a formal manor house in the Lady Madison Abbott Mystery Series, tea there can be a formal affair for fifty or a casual get-together for less than five - much like at your own home. A proper tea is really defined only by making your guests feel comfortable and satisfied as they all gather for a relaxing cup of tea, goodies to eat, and good conversation among friends. This little book is intended to help you do just that, with family recipes and suggestions on putting on a gracious tea party.